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Voise Started as a full SCAM!

The fundamental aspects of the project has changed for the better but the success of the project is slim...Let's discuss.

So Voise started as a scam. There are many different parts to their master plan but i can assure you, it was meant to take your money and give you nothing of value except a token.

Who scammed

The original team was made up of a few different freelance developers along with IVAN as you all know.

Mr Ledoux was a small part of the initial scam and by small, i mean he was a silent partner(scam finance). He promoted some of the hyped news the original team used to gain favor among the community such as the exchange. With that hyped momentum, Voise saw a small rise during the market pump, and they slowly sold their tokens leaving us with bags. You wonder why it never passed $0.18 and other lessor projects soared at market ATH. Because they were all selling like crazy, flooding the Voise market.

What's changed?

You will be happy to know that much hasn't changed. You have to think about this clearly. Why would a guy who claims he took most of his money and put it into this project do that knowing it was a scam project?

Its a lie. He claims he works for some company that now manages Voise INC but have you seen the incorporation papers for this company?

Look deeper and you will see a twisted web of a man and others he works with trying to pump and dump the market while spending little to nothing to do it (Promises, basic app templates). They are still using one of the freelance teams that created the ico website. They own hundreds of millions of tokens. If they get Voise to $1 using subtle hype games like silly web apps, you will soon see one of the biggest pump and RE-dumps in ico history.

I know you all want to believe in the riches Voise could possibly bring you but i was once in your shoes, until i woke up!

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